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As a team, PIAGO has a no-hassle honest attitude that prioritises reliability, trust, integrity and customer focus. We pride ourselves on delivering a product that elevates our customer experience in a manner that our mothers can be proud of!

Best mates of 14 years, Carl and Terry sought to increase industry trust, cohesion and communication by creating product suites; Go! Site Ready, Go! Site Learn and Go! Site Approved. The two business-savvy entrepreneurs and ex-tradies have 30 collective years of experience in construction and mining, developing PIAGO to cater to high-volume organisations that the family-owned business could also access.

To help bring their vision to life, Carl and Terry built a strong, close-knit team with varying backgrounds, strengths and experience who have all contributed to making PIAGO what it is today.


Carl Snowling – Director of Operations

Meet Carl, our Director of Operations. After a remarkable 12-year stint as a labourer and 10 years conquering the realms of project management, Carl shifted gears to hone in on the ground breaking framework for PIAGO. With expertise in Business Information Systems, Carl envisioned the perfect software solution for the mining and construction industries.

If you’re short on time, save the All Blacks chat for another day, because once Carl gets going, there’s no stopping his infectious enthusiasm.


Terry Cullen – Technical Director

Meet Terry, our Technical Director. A dynamic maestro of development for over 15+ years. Delivering nothing short of excellence, he has conquered the realms of application development, team management, and digital agency wizardry. In a previous life, this vibrant force of nature was a tradesman in the rugged world of construction. He knows his way around more than just lines of code.

Terry's contagious enthusiasm, relentless commitment and dry humor is an integral part of the PIAGO engine room. It’s the unassuming kind of leadership that fosters a positive team environment and makes PIAGO a great place to work.


Dylan Downs – Operations Manager

Meet Dylan our Operations manager. Dylan is a dynamic force who knows how to turn visions into reality and elevate success to extraordinary levels. With a proven background working closely with staff and clients, and armed with 16 years of digital systems experience, Dylan navigates the business landscape with an unwavering determination to conquer every challenge that comes his way.

When he is not conquering the realms of product success, Dylan unleashes his personality through his YouTube channel or by dominating online video games.


Melissa Gibbs – Strategic Account Executive

Meet Mel, our Strategic Account Executive. She is a true powerhouse within the realm of sales. Melissa has mastered the art of cultivating and nurturing client relationships. With her indomitable spirit and unwavering passion Melissa is set to conquer new horizons as she leaves an indelible mark on the world of sales and beyond.

When not crushing it at work, you’ll find Mel at the beach.


Ime Lavatai – Finance & Administrations Manager

Meet Ime, our Finance & Administrations Manager. She is the indispensable glue that holds our company together, seamlessly managing a multitude of responsibilities. Her expertise in diary management, organisation, financial administration and communication contributes significantly to our success. With these exceptional skills and unwavering commitment, Ime ensures that our company operates smoothly, efficiently, and harmoniously in all aspects. With Ime at the helm of our administrative and financial operations, we can confidently navigate the complexities of our industry and continue to achieve success.

When Ime’s not busting the moves at work you can find her busting them on a dance floor.


Alison McCarthy – Senior Consultant

Meet Ali, our Senior Consultant. She is the ultimate fusion of coal mine training expertise and software design prowess. With a background rooted in coal mine training departments, Alison has spent years crafting software solutions tailored specifically for heavy industry training compliance. When it comes to training data configuration Ali breezes through the complexities with finesse. Her specialty lies in assisting clients, helping them navigate the intricate world of Training Needs Analysis and devising customized training plans.

Ali loves living in the bush, and this is where she can be found in her downtime.


Tina Rand – Sales Support & Customer Success Officer

Meet Tina, our Sales Support & Customer Success Officer. With an unwavering commitment to customer success and a dedication to supporting sales initiatives, Tina brings a touch of sparkle and a sprinkle of magic to all that she does.

When she isn’t drinking virtual coffees with you, she takes her adventurous spirit and embarks on outdoor adventures.


Elmer Figuracion – Senior  Software Engineer

Meet Elmer, our Senior Software Engineer. Elmer is a seasoned and accomplished senior software engineer with expertise in the development and maintenance of the GO! Site Ready product. With a wealth of experience in the software industry, he has consistently demonstrated his invaluable contribution to the development of innovative product features. Elmer’s unwavering commitment to the success of our GSR platform ensures that both the organisation and our clients receive optimal value from his work.

When he’s not immersed in the world of software engineering Elmer finds solace in a steaming cup of coffee and in the beauty of nature that surrounds him and savouring breathtaking sunsets.


Iman Naslpak – Software Engineer

Meet Iman, our diligentSoftware Engineer. With a master’s degree in computer science he is adept at maintaining, supporting and troubleshooting our range of products and services. He is skilled in developing innovative features and tailor-made applications that cater to the seamless operation of applications and the specific needs of our clientele. His expertise extends into artificial intelligence and machine learning, areas in which he continuously seeks to deepen his knowledge and proficiency.

Outside the realm of coding and debugging Iman is a physical fitness enthusiast who enjoys engaging in regular CrossFit sessions and spending quality time with loved ones.


James Noon – System Administrator

Meet James, our System Administrator. Armed with dual degrees in psychology and business James is a whirlwind of curiosity. From the intricacies of the human mind to the intricate mechanisms of software, James is a driving force behind our technological pursuits.

We challenge you to find a book James hasn’t read!

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