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PIAGO is an Australian owned software and services company providing onboarding, contractor management and integrated e-learning software solutions. At PIAGO, we believe in common sense solutions and have developed an agile and reliable software that creates an impact on people's day-to-day lives within the Mining and Construction Industries.

Brisbane-based founders, Carl Snowling and Terry Cullen understood that there was no feasible software across the Mining and Construction Industries that was comprehensive enough to connect contractors, companies and work sites through one affordable technology.

PIAGO manages large scale project onboarding, contractor workforce management and integrated e-learning system solutions to make life a lot simpler. PIAGO was created to elevate all aspects of your business, so everyone from the admin team to the contractors to the CEO can enjoy the clever edge our software solution provides. In turn, giving you more time for the important things in life.

As a team, PIAGO has a no-hassle, honest approach that prioritises reliability by producing site-qualified and authenticated contractors every time through smart systems. Best mates of 14 years, Carl and Terry sought to increase industry trust, cohesion and communication by creating product suites; GO! Site Ready, GO! Site Learn and GO! Site Approved. The two business-savvy entrepreneurs and ex-tradies have 30 collective years of experience in construction and mining, developing PIAGO to cater to high-volume organisations that the family-owned business could also access.

Carl, an experienced project manager enlisted his ex-roommate Terry to physically build the PIAGO technology. Both men have expert industry knowledge with a local touch and understood the difficulties faced in the Mining and Construction Industries, from getting workers' up-to-date records and inductions to compliance checks and booking systems.

Likewise, the PIAGO founders understood the importance of protecting critical HR documents, such as medical records and contact information that could be stored online and easily accessed by the right people with no risk of a breach.

As workforces and processes become more efficient and the quality of work-life balance improves, the Mining and Construction Industries continue to lag. To help streamline this booming sector of the Australian economy, PIAGO was born as the nexus between compliance, confidence and opportunity while removing human error from the equation.

It was critical to Carl and Terry that their software solution could be tailored for a client's specific needs in a manner that could light the road ahead for future projects, creating more resilient businesses.

PIAGO transforms businesses from chaos to calm.

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